INS-BR 02 & INS-SU 01

With a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, Ruby is beaten only by Diamond (10) in terms of hardness. This makes it an optimum candidate to provide vibrational isolation. This innovation makes Nagaoka spikes the only product in the world to employ the combination of Ruby and metal.


  • Ruby Ball and Brass / SS housing

  • Ruby suppresses resonances and isolates the equipment from the surface.

  • SS variant tightens the lower range, clarifies mid-high band and improves soundstage.

  • Brass variant improves the richness across bandwidth, along with clarity and localization. 

  • CNC processed high quality finish



  • Model number: INS-BR 02 (Brass) INS-SU 01 (Stainless Steel)

  • Material: Ruby, brass/SS

  • Quantity: 4 Spikes & 4 bases 

  • Size: Spike Φ 25 x 23 mm, base Φ 25 x 6 mm

  • Mass: Spike 47 g, Base 24 g

  • Load Bearing Capacity: 200 kg (per static load)